En artiklel der giver dig 78 facts om Johnny Cash. Som fan ret sjov læsn
ing – der var også et par ting i mellem som jeg ikke vidste noget om.. Her får du lige de 10 første:

1. Johnny Cash started smoking when he was 12 years old.

2. The Masons rejected Cash’s application for membership “on moral grounds.”
3. Cash learned how to hypnotize himself from country singer Johnny Horton.
4. To commemorate his birthday, Cash’s family wants you to wear black.
5. Cash adopted his signature all-black suits as a good luck charm after he wore a black t-shirt and jeans to his
first public performance.
6. His first gig with the Tennessee Two was playing for a group of elderly ladies in a church basement.
7. When he was a child working in the cotton fields, Cash used to eat young cotton buds, despite his mother’s warnings that they would give him bellyaches.
8. He took only one voice lesson, after which the teacher advised him not to let anyone change the way he sang.
9. His parents named him J.R. Cash as a compromise between the names “John” and “Ray.” When he enlisted in the Air Force, Cash gave his name as “John R. Cash.”
10. The first song he remembers singing was the hymn “I Am Bound for the Promised Land.”


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